Space NTNU

The Board of Directors

Amalie Wee


Project manager at Propulse NTNU. She has been passionate about space her whole life, and even saw the last launch off the Space Shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center. She has climbed both Kilimanjaro and Elbrus, and strives to make the team and herself perform their very best to reach their full potential.

2nd year Electrical Engineering Student

Vebjørn Kristvik

Vice President

Mechanical engineer at Orbit NTNU. A fan of everything space related. He wants to expand the space industry in Norway by making it easier for students to get involved, and push the industry forward.

3rd year Material Technology Student

Inger-Lovise Fjellgaard

outreach manager

Board member and Head of Marketing at Ascend NTNU.  From a small island Lovund, in Northern Norway. A believer in the vast potential of space technology.

3rd year Economy & Administration Student

Alexey Gusev


A current member of Orbit NTNU. After seeing Sputnik and the Souyz rockets in real life he has dreamt of working within space. He appreciates the beauty of  science, and its applications in space. His goal is to get the Norwegian space sector to new heights and maybe even out in the outer cosmos.

3rd year Computer Science Student

Susanne Nymoen


Ever since she was little, she has had a fascination for space and technology. In addition, she hopes that Norway can become a leading provider of technological innovation in space exploration, and consequently seeks to spread interest among others.

3rd year Economy & Administration Student

Marketing & Development

Theodor Holmsen

Development manager

From Asker. Currently specializing in software development, with a background in electrical engineering. Main responsibilities within web development, and marketing. Working to expand the space community at NTNU.

5th year Computer Science Student

Eivind Heggset

Campaign Manager

CEO and Chairman of Orbit NTNU. He has passion for the future of space exploration and dreams of increasing the collective interest for space technology in Norway.

1st year Maths and Physics Student

Kristoffer André Dahl

Graphic designer

With a deep passion for architecture and entrepreneurship, he dreams of designing settlements for humans in space. A space enthusiast who wants to help expand the space community in Trondheim, and thus make use of the massive potential the city has.

1st year Architecture Student

Daniel Fremming

Graphic designer

A selfproclaimed geek and a believer in a second Space Race.
As a space aficionado he believes it is his responsibility to help expand the space community in Trondheim at first and later on, on a more national level.

1st year Industrial Design Student

Event Management

Daniel Styrk Godø-Dempsey

Many of Daniel’s first interests revolved around large machines, of which the space community has abundant examples. His goal is to be part of the Norwegian space community as it grows to a more prominent actor. Daniel is also currently a member of Orbit NTNU, and looks forward to the chance of one day seeing the Earth from orbit.

2nd year Electrical Systems Engineering Student

Rollaug Korstad

Always been fascinated by Space since he saw Star Wars for the first time and what Space technology can do for us humans! Currently studying economics at NTNU and is excited to be part of building the NTNU SPACE organization and host amazing events for the Space community at NTNU

2nd year Economics Student

Steffen Folåsen

From Grimstad. Currently an Orbit NTNU member, and a space technology enthusiast, looking to promote the space community in Norway.

2nd year Cybernetics and Robotics Student

Advisory & Outreach

Edvard Foss

Senior Advisor

Former Project Manager of Orbit NTNU. Working on launching NTNU into space! Currently specializing in deep learning at DTU in Denmark, while he is working at the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre. Founder of Space NTNU.

5th year Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Student

Rannveig Færgestad

Senior Advisor

Former CEO and Founder of Propulse NTNU, and former Deputy Chairman of European Space Camp. Currently the Space Generation Advisory Council’s National Point of Contact in Norway. Specializing in computational mechanics and structural analysis. Currently on internship in the Netherlands.  Co-Founder of Space NTNU.

5th year Mechanical Engineering Student

Kjersti Bragstad

Senior Advisor

Former CTO and co-founder of Propulse NTNU. During her time at NTNU she has been a part of different projects regarding space technology and has experience with space start-ups. Specializing in industrial mechanics. Co-Founder of Space NTNU.

5th year Mechanical Engineering Student