Project + Master thesis proposal: Calibration methods for ADCS sensors

  • Master project
  • Trondheim

Website Orbit NTNU

Orbit NTNU is building a small satellite that will be launched into low earth orbit. The satellite contains an attitude determination and control system which determines the satellite’s orbit and orientation through orbit models and sensor measurements and controls the orientation by actuating magnetorquers.

The attitude determination and control system has several sensors such as magnetometers, gyrometers, sun sensors and temperature sensors. These sensors must be calibrated, both when in an earth and space environment to provide reliable measurements.

The student will work on developing calibration methods for both the earth and space environment. The space calibration can run live on the satellite or use offline solutions which use downlinked telemetry data.  It is suggested that the task is split such that earth calibration is finished during the fall project and space calibration is done as a master’s thesis.

The student will be responsible for finding a suitable professor that can support the project.

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