Project + Master thesis proposal: In orbit attitude determination without sun sensors

  • Master project
  • Trondheim

Website Orbit NTNU

Orbit NTNU is currently working on a series of 1U satellites meant as side projects. Not all of these will have sun sensors available to them, yet ideally, we would want a functioning ESKF (Extended Kalman Filter) implemented using solely gyroscopic and magnetometer data.

Currently, Orbit NTNU’s ESKF utilises magnetometers, gyroscopes and sun sensors as well as an environmental model of the system. The master will focus on developing a kalman filter that removes the need for sun sensor data by placing more emphasis on the model-based determination. It will require the student to explore mathematical modelling, simulations and figure out how well this implementation will work

The project and master thesis is suited for a student studying Cybernetics and Robotics at NTNU. The student will be responsible for finding a suitable professor that can support the project.

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